Artist Statement:


    Landscapes are highly dynamic, when walking through them each step changes the view and affects one’s emotions. With each painting I impress a mood onto the subject before me. The mood might be related to an experience with the space, a memory attached to the people from a place, or a feeling felt from remembering the scene. It might be a construction of similar recollections from more than one place. By connecting mood with memory I help the viewer connect his own memories with the piece.
    Nature within my landscapes is composed of glimpses of a land filled with trees, rocks, rivers and skies. I give a permanent picture to fleeting memories of these elements. By recreating my encounters with nature it allows the viewer to comprehend, despite never before experiencing this certain place. Keeping the natural world separate from a man-made one reflects my own beliefs about the world onto my work.
    My approach to painting these scenes begins with building a panel with reliefs. I respond to the surface with a palette knife, applying color and cold wax medium. This process emphasizes the brilliancy of an atmospheric landscape.  This style allows my paintings to stand out and entices the viewer to explore the piece from all angles, much like one explores a landscape.