Our Home, the Earth

Here's some of my newest work and the thoughts surrounding them. For availability, please send me a message on the contact me page.

  I left You Behind,  acrylic on panel, 24 x 48, 2018

I left You Behind, acrylic on panel, 24 x 48, 2018

Our Home, the Earth

The earth is our current home. As responsible stewards, we should take care of our home. My current body of work explores the need to show care, to respect and to nurture nature. I also am exploring the idea of a “renewed earth,” by using pigments not typically found in nature and applying them to a typical landscape, I am imagining what the Christian Bible calls a restored earth. I build all my panels from recycled or discarded wood. My relief style work allows the viewer to imagine the landscape from all angles, exploring these ideas whilst one looks on. How can we continue to destroy, and show lack of care for this place we call home? And if our home will be renewed one day, what will that look like? To what degree are we responsible for the future of our current home? 

  For the Greater Good , acrylic, spray foam on panel, 37x45, 2018

For the Greater Good, acrylic, spray foam on panel, 37x45, 2018

For the Greater Good speaks to the lost art of controlled burns that used to run all across the United States. The lack of these smaller, controlled fires has brought larger, more threatening fires to the forests across the States, which is having a negative affect on the health of our forests. These small fires burn low brush and they restore the ecosystems by providing new nutrients to the ground surface. By depicting a small fire, I wish to bring awareness and understanding to the need for forest preservation through responsible controlled burns. This work uses a recycled door panel, cut and filled with found spray foam. Focusing on found materials, my work reaches further into the realm of sustainability, and responsibility. The rising smoke breaks the 2-dimensional surface, allowing the viewer to explore and imagine himself in the forrest around the low burning brush.


Works in Progress - 2018

It all started with a walk. One warm day in late April, I took my dog, Bear, and we headed out the door. I was feeling ambitious and creative so I grabbed my little point and shoot camera. The sun was so hot that day, but we headed up the hill, I let him sniff the plants and rocks and trash we came across. I was looking to photograph stand alone trees: pines, shorter shrubs, the magnolia in front of the high school. But what actually caught my eye the most was these five tall oak trees at the very top of the hill. It's funny how I have passed them a zillion times, but this one sunny day with my dog, they caught my eye. I took about 20 minutes, photographing the light through the trees, videoing the wind blowing through the limbs with my phone. I listened, I watched, I relaxed. These feelings of light, warmth, stretching limbs inspired this work. I immediately downloaded the photos and had them printed that afternoon. This is where we begin; inspired by circumstance, the right place at the right time, and then we see where we end up. 

I'd like to share some process shots of the work continuing these thoughts above. As I work, I'll update this page and post them for sale. Contact me for details and to join my mailing list to watch for upcoming events and shows. 

Liz Zanca