Solah: Sentinel War Series

Facebook is a strange place, where real life friends can be made.

One day I was perusing Facebook, and a guy commented on the local game shop page, he was interested in starting a local Dungeons and Dragons game on Saturdays. Being that my husband loves playing that game, I commented asking for more information, knowing he would be interested.

Saturday, my husband decided to go, and at the end that guy, David Lane, mentions he's writing a book. It's almost done but he's been through about three artists to do the cover art, and still has nothing. My husband mentions I paint and offered for me to do the work. I agreed later on and got the assignment.

The day we delivered the finished painting, David was so excited, he had no words. Finally, the last piece to his book was complete. He self-published the book later on Amazon, and we got our copy this week.

All this to say, yes social media has it's bad parts, but this was an excellent way to find and do business, even on accident.