Collages! And other projects.

Well March is here, you know what that means... more art to post! I am experimenting with different materials and ways to explore the subjects of color and pattern in landscape.

The collages I begun a few days ago have been inspired mostly by listening to Art for Your Ear, a podcast I have mentioned before. The Jealous Curator tends to interview many collage artists and I have really taking a liking to their process. I had some left over canvases with some sad landscapes on it, I didn't think would be very easy to sell. I decided to play on those canvases, and this is what playing got me:

The other pieces I am making currently have a slightly different theme: darkness and light. So here are a few of those pieces.

This last one is especially dark, and those are not specks of dust, those are painted stars. It's difficult to tell but I did paint a tree line in the back, and a dark sky. I am learning about painting dark. Although I am not using solid black, it would be easy to just go all dark. I am trying to learn how to balance the darkness with the light. Well besides building a bunch more panels for my newest body of work, that's it for now.