End of Feb Review

It's been a crazy month! I am exploring a lot of new territory with my work. There is progress being made in making books and I'm excited about the Spring Maker's Fair!

I finished this piece last week, I am not sure what to call it yet, but I love the depth and brightness it has. The cut outs were very delicate on this, despite how precise the laser is, it can burn up the edges pretty good.


This piece above is in progress. I'm working on varying my ideas of landscape and expanding it past a horizon line and sky.


I was driving home from Little Rock the other night, glancing out into the dark sky. Bits of trees illuminated against the pitch blackness would catch my eye. I decided these moody moments might be worth recording. As I wasn't going to photograph them while I was driving (that would be dangerous), I decided I'd paint them from memory, for now. I would like to go find some and photograph for reference. The odd source light colors make it seem grotesque. I find these bits quite fascinating, and I'm excited to see what comes of them. More to come soon.

Also, if you would like a book made, please send me an email. I am making several journals right now. I'm even trying a wedding guest book, I will post images when I get further along.

Have a great evening,