February is here!

Wow time flies! I've been so busy catching up on projects that I haven't been able to post in a month. But alas, I've made some time to post something!

This past month I've been daydreaming about building a shop, but first we must find a place where we can have space for one. My silly little studio room I'm quickly outgrowing. It's too much to have my dresser, my book collection, my desktop and all my art supplies in this one tiny space. I found this DIY Shed that I adore, so I want to copy it to some extent. One day! But my friend Beth is actually doing it! She also has a new body of work up, and it's beautiful. Please check it out.

But in spite of not having a full place to work, I've been making it work. I've managed to be able to build panels at home (handsaw and nail gun works pretty well.) It's a bit of a learning curve to not have a shop, especially the chop saw, but I manage.

So some new work:

This is the process I took to make my newest piece for the NCLAC Billboard Contest.

You can see the final image here.

These two small pieces are for sale, just inquire here.

I started experimenting with composition and came up with some more simplified works: The idea behind this began with using existing scraps, it became almost like collage play to see how the shape would end up resembling a landscape. The pink and blue one was pretty easy. In the spirit of Beth's new work, I kept these two pieces on the wood grain just to try it out. But the rest of these I gessoed and will be painting as usual. I enjoy the wood grain but I think she uses it way better than me at the moment. More of these will be on their way, as I said I must paint them.

I've been trying to do The Artist's Way, but I am having a hard time because 1) I'm not really blocked. I just have a hard time with procrastination. 2) I am better off writing and doing the artist dates when I feel like doing them, not religiously. I'm not a schedule follower in general. But I do enjoy writing and doing artsy things. I don't like to write for three pages though because then my wrist starts hurting, if my wrists hurt then I can't paint and do my other more important art tasks. Here are the products of my first artist date:

The impasto is fun, it dries easily, but I will get to using it more. It doesn't smooth very well on a shiny acrylic surface. Anyways, that's all I've got for now, back to the studio!