Strange Things are Happening, There ain't no Doubt about it!

It's the morning, I just got up, but I have a 100 different songs playing through my head. This just happened to be the one I thought of to describe my post. Gotta love Toy Story!

Anyways the strange things are these cool laser cut pieces I am constructing my panels out of. One idea they have pushed at school is use the technology we pay for! I am certainly doing so!

The level of detail I can achieve with the laser cutter is amazing, and it's precision is wonderful! I love that I can cut tiny lines into my panels.

I am going to put some of the color studies up, next to the panel image.

The cool thing about this piece above, was it was unplanned made from scraps from the first piece. I just had some extra pieces and started flipping them around, and whal-lah! A new painting emerged. Gotta love art.


And that is just a sneak preview of what is to come this quarter!

I am also learning to make books from the master himself, Frank Hamrick. I am really enjoying taking a break from the painting world and just enjoying the paper aspect of bookmaking. It is a different kind of love, and I think I do love it!

That is all, I am going to eat something and go head to the studio! :D