First Week in Studio!

I am assisting Nick Bustamante in the studio this summer, and along with that comes the opportunity to work along side him on my own work. So here are some of the results from my first full week in the studio.

Something fun I am doing for Nick is making stencils on the laser cutter. I get to work in illustrator to create the design, then we can go cut it out.

My first improvement of my studio space was to post all of these photographs I have taken of the sky, in various stages. At the beginning of the summer, I decided to try and focus on sky and how it changes, I wanted to get better at clouds, since I have a cloud painting that isn't finished yet. But from this came many more ideas, some of which I will share below. These photos were organized by time of day, I know roughly when they were taken, so I can place them accordingly. The photos range from my middle school days, all the way to the present, so they hold many memories and show off my travels.

So in thinking about the sky, and since I have been on a lot of planes the past few years, I am thinking about landscape in alternate ways. Land from above is what this piece will be about. I thought it would be an interest challenge to paint the land from an aerial point of view. But this is proving to be really tedious, so it might change drastically in the future...

Working with past images I've created has helped me think about the work in a new way. This was an image of just praying hands, going towards a center light. I created it for a project in my conceptual class, however the overall composition and design was not working for me. Working with Nick has revitalized the technique of glazing. To be honest, I almost forgot about the wonders of glazing, but I used it again here and it actually gave me something interesting and exciting. I am letting this piece dry before I work on it again. I may sharpen the trees and add more detail to some of the hands, but I like where it is going.

This is a tiny painting. I believe it is less than 3" square. I changed up the color in this one, and crisped up the details. It's a cute little painting.

This is the last example of some of the new work I'm doing. Besides my layered landscapes, I am conceptually thinking about landscape, place, personality and spirituality. I am thinking about how I can show one's personality through a landscape. And I think this new development will just keep growing. I don't do a lot of figural work, but this is a start to adding some of that to my current work. I don't want to give away too much at the moment. But it's exciting and thrilling and new.

Sorry that's a lot of words, but Happy Fourth! I hope you enjoy it with your families and such. I know I miss mine today!