Landscape Bodies, Church Commissions and Wooden Crosses

It's been a busy few weeks. I got a commission for five different churches, and I've just about finished the first one. Four more to go. This one is Mount Pleasant, outside of Chatham, LA.

Next I made wooden crosses out of some layered wood. I used the laser cutter at school, so it didn't take very long and it was free! I have sanded them with my dremell, my hands still hurt from that. But they are pretty cool, I'm debating on how I'm going to decorate them. And so far I've made some into magnets.

The next layered paintings are on there way! I am doing five new layered pieces, all hopefully to be finished by the end of August.

FInally, a look at my newest landscape body paintings. I've mentioned them before, but I finished two of them today, so I'm proud to show them off! I am thinking a lot about how to incorporate the human form into my landscapes in an obscure way to again explore mood and personality. Adding a human element pushes the boundaries of landscape.

Bonus! Sneak Peak at my stuff for the Ruston Maker's Fair! I am going to be a part of the fair on September 12th, 2015 in downtown Ruston. I will have landscapes for sale, along with stuff like this.