Final Exhibition from La Tech's School of Design Camp

I mentioned yesterday about how awesome the Design Camp has been this week. This morning was the last day of the camp, where the kids got to show all of their projects off to their families and friends. It was definitely an awesome exhibit, and all the kids were so great!

The high school aged kids learned screen printing, design, drawing, painting, story boarding, narrative, laser cutting, stenciling, videoing, stop motion and a ton more aspects of art.

Shout outs to @graysonruple, @_alec_m_berry_ and @ashlyn_heckel, just some of the great people I met this week. I wish them the best in their future art endeavors!

All in all, it was a great week, and special thanks to my friends Kendell and Ashton who really did the hard work, counseling them 24/7. Really awesome job everyone!