New Work!

Many exciting things happened this week. It was Design Camp at La Tech's School of Design. So on Monday I got to talk to them about my art and what I've done thus far. Then on Wednesday I taught them how to use a laser cutter, and painted a bit with them. It was fun connecting with the high school kids and hopefully I encouraged some of them to purse the artist life.

Other than that, and working on Nick's work, I got to build more panels this week, and paint on my own. I almost completed two landscape-body paintings, and got one layer panel ready to paint on. I will be working on those along with some commissions I got in the next week or so.

This is the first new layered one I made. It is 1x2 feet tall. I like the miniature size, compared to the large mountains I did before. I think this will be an interesting start.

This is the first (almost) completed body-landscape piece I've done. I like that its not quite obvious at first, and that the land and body push in and out in places. I also love the build up of color, something you can appreciate much more in real life. From here I need to add details to the landscape, finish up the water line on the bottom, maybe add more to the sky. But that's what I've been doing recently.