Chatham, LA Mural completed!

 This is late news, but we did finish the mural in Chatham, back at the end of May.

Here is the full finished piece.


This is probably my favorite part: I did the lettering on the signs, as well as the detail on the door and side windows (those little beautiful boxes.) I had the vision of that detail and I couldn't explain it to any one, so I just did it myself.

We had a cool idea to incorporate the train that used to run through town, putting it in the reflection of the window. Even though I had to rework it, I think the end result was great, giving the illusion of a train across the street. Also I did the detail on the doors and windows, same as the other side. This little detail just set off the space perfectly! I am so proud of all the hard work done by our crew, we definitely had a lot of set backs and pushed through until the very end!

I just can't wait to get started on my next mural, it's so addicting!