Guestroom Mural

My parents house got an update. I found an image online of a mountain landscape, and decided to go find the paints for to make it happen. Lowe's had Valspar paint samples on sale buy one get one, so I got eight little tubs of paint. The results are beautiful, and I now have a great space to retreat to when I come to visit.

Here is the initial wall space, nothing special, a little yellow.

The excitement began, with the first dark layer. With each layer, I used a large brush to get the bigger sections, and used a smaller detail brush to finish the edges, being careful not to drip paint from each layer.

Here is about half way done, I'm loving the colors at this point, after this when I added the next color, I wasn't so sure about it, but by the time I finished, it all came together. Here, below is the final product.

Finally! Five and a half hours, with lots of brush clean up, and a little bit of straightening up the room really made this room work! I am so excited about it. The process was relaxing, not very difficult and a pretty cheap update that makes the space just marvelous. And I have two happy parents, who are willing to get me some Dairy Queen tonight! Score!

Update 7/19: Inspiration for this wall came from Apartment Therapy, but I originally found it on pinterest. I didn't realize until now that they had some instructions for this. I did it from memory and the small image on my phone, no stencils just by hand. And this is why I love easy DIYs. :D