Saving Paint!

Since school has been out, I've been working on cleaning my art studio up. I built this earlier this year, and recently added more nails to include all of my paint.

A few of the nails have two or three tubes of the same color, or a very similar color on the nail. This will probably not stay in color order as I use it this summer. My next plan for it is to attach d-rings to the top, in order to hang it on the wall.

I also figured out how to combine four tubes of the same color into one tube of paint. It was a simple process, and I was able to do it with the supplies I had at home, nothing extra fancy.

First decide which tubes you will combine into one tube. I used a big tube of white that was almost empty. I had four or five other almost empty tubes. Next, I cut open the ends of the tubes, scraping out paint into the bigger tube with a knife, and in some cases I could squeeze out the paint from the end straight into the bigger tube. By the end I had emptied the smaller tubes the best I could, into this big tube of paint. To close up the tube, take a tube wringer to push up all the paint, then fold and squeeze the end with canvas pliers. I will need to photograph the process next time I do it, also I will wear gloves, it can get messy. The binder clip on the end is to attach it to my board with nails pictured above.

That's been my week. I hope I get some work done soon and then I will share my works in progress with you.