Installation of my work!

Today we drove an hour to install some of my work at my family's dentist office space. They are known as House Family Dentistry.

I installed these with some help, and everyone at the office really enjoyed them. I hope they get to appreciate the work for years to come!

The dentist herself loves decorating the place with trees, landscape and florals so my work meshed beautifully with the decor. Her spaces she had for them make the work look as though they were meant to be there.

The final piece went in my clients home. They had a spot near the piano that was perfect for the last work in the series.

Yesterday, I also attended the GTM mural opening on La Tech's campus. The students of the work did a beautiful job. It is motivating me to complete the mural I am working on in Chatham as soon as possible.

Pictured are my art professor on the left, and my fellow artist friends. They did a great job painting this section to look like Koi fish in a pond.