Finals Week!

The end is here! Thank goodness!

Lots of exciting things are finishing up this week. School. Mural. Projects. Series. Then new things are starting. Jobs. Summer. Travel. Paintings. I did really well this quarter and I am bragging a lot, but to keep me humble I get to see my family in a few weeks. My sister will outshine me by being Valedictorian.

Last week I got a camera for my birthday, so all my recent photos will be a lot stronger, less blurry and possibly better as I learn how to use my camera.

Here is an installation view of some of my smallest works to date. If you are interested in purchasing one, please get in contact with me on my contact page.

Here is a progress view, and final shot of my last project for conceptual theory class. We had to make something that pertained to spirituality and/or science. I chose to take an experience of a powerful storm affecting a tree, and made this sculpture. It's less about it looking like a tree, and more about that feeling of craziness and power and awe that comes from viewing an act of nature. I painted it white, lit in and took this photo from below to emphasize its size and replicate the original intent of this assignment.

I will try to blog when I'm on the go this summer, if not I'll get to it when I get back. Peace.