Conceptual Project and Progress


This week I've been sick with hay fever which has made it difficult to get much work done. Despite the setbacks, I finished a project for conceptual art theory and I have gotten some more work done for senior exhibition.

This project is about forest fires and the cycle of life and death. First I laser etched trees into the foreground, then using a wood burning tool I filled in the backgrounds. I will have a full installation photo of this complete work sometime in the near future. For now I must come up with a work for body and identity, stay tuned for that piece.

We went to the Masur Museum of Art this week to talk to Ben Hickey about his job and how to be a professional artist. I learned some great lessons I hope to take with me in the future.

My studio has been a mess this week! On the left is an in progress shot, the back is a finished piece, and to the right is my next piece to be painted. I am so excited to work on these and show them off!

This shows some of my inspiration. I have inspiration going throughout my studio.

Here are some new pieces, I'm probably not supposed to post the actual full images of some of them. I am sending three of them to Rochester, NY for a fundraiser. I figured I could enter the event because I've been to both NYC and Upstate during the past year. The panel piece is based off of our time at Niagara Falls, depicting some of the rapids. I can't wait to finish that one and show it off.

Anyways that's been my week; happy Friday, happy Easter!