Drawing Trees

Saturday March 31st, I'll be leading the public in a tree drawing adventure. I'm hoping to share a few approaches to drawing trees, including pencil and color work. 


I hope to inspire kids to learn to love drawing and free form exploration of nature. I hope to teach adults to see how to draw without worrying about if their lines are straight and to create an expressive impression of the space they see in front of them. 


Antique Alley

I had a great weekend at Antique Alley's Downtown Spring Art Festival! I enjoyed relaxing with friends, meeting new patrons and advertising my business! 

I want to say THANK YOU! to all the friends who bought work from me this weekend!


Cane Land Distilling Co.

Yesterday I was able to hang my work at Cane Land in downtown Baton Rouge. They were such a lovely company to work with, and I hope they enjoy the agricultural touch to the work on display.

Cane Land makes a unique Louisiana Rum from sugar cane at their mill. The space has so much influence and authentic pieces from their mill. From a giant sugar cart, to hand selected wood tables and large gears, the place has such an industrial vibe. My hope is my art is enjoyed by all who enter and enjoy the space, for a morning brunch, or a late night drink.  


I want to thank Kelsey Livingston at the Arts Council of Baton Rouge for this opportunity to share my work. She puts in so much hard work and does a great job matching her artists with her clients. 


Ruston's Plein Air Competition & Art Events

Just a few updates, less words, more pictures. 

 I took some work to  Fine Line Supply  in Ruston for sale. There will be more throughout the year.

I took some work to Fine Line Supply in Ruston for sale. There will be more throughout the year.

Ruston had an art show 50 paintings for $50! All works had to be under 8x10. The amazing thing-- both my works sold within 15 minutes of the show opening! Thank you Ruston! 


Here are the two I submitted. Thanks to my two patrons who took these home! Please enjoy! 

My friend Kacey and I are starting Ruston's first Plein Air Competition. We wish to host a day of fun, painting and community! It all started when at an art council meeting we were introduced. That led to a coffee date where the idea came up, a plein air day. The conversation quickly turned into let's do it! Ruston is such a great place to hold events where art and community come together. So here it is, our creation! If you would like to apply visit: rustonpleinair.com/apply 

I want artists to compete who don't plain typical landscape subjects. I want to see the odd take on a landscape, maybe a splash of unexpected color or unconventional subject interjecting the contemporary landscape. But of course, with respect to painting outside in the elements as it happens. 

Also, I'm extremely grateful to Henry at Fine Line Supply for his gracious donations, time and effort in helping us put on this event! Thanks for the support! 

Water Color Painting Fun

As a creative person, sometimes my brain jumps from subject to subject, thought to thought. Yesterday, my original attempt to clean and make my office look better, turned into sitting quietly and listening to music and painting for a few hours. (I was not about to argue with myself against doing that.) I had been given a package of left over samples of water color paper. So I dutifully found my little travel water colors and got to work.


So this is the direction the paint led me...


And then I made these four lovelies.

It's a nice break from painting in oils, and I think it's going to help me get back into oils with some new, fresh ideas. Peace!

Arkansas Center for the Arts

This coming Thursday 21 is the Opening Reception: 2017 Irene Rosenzweig Biennial Juried Exhibition. It's in Pine Bluff, at the Arts & Sciences Center for Southeast Arkansas. I am pleased to share that my work, In a Jiffy, was accepted to be a part of this show. I will post an update on the show after the reception. But the exhibition Runs through the beginning of January. If you can stop by and see the show, please do & enjoy!

 Click to see the Facebook event.

Click to see the Facebook event.

Solah: Sentinel War Series

Facebook is a strange place, where real life friends can be made.

One day I was perusing Facebook, and a guy commented on the local game shop page, he was interested in starting a local Dungeons and Dragons game on Saturdays. Being that my husband loves playing that game, I commented asking for more information, knowing he would be interested.

Saturday, my husband decided to go, and at the end that guy, David Lane, mentions he's writing a book. It's almost done but he's been through about three artists to do the cover art, and still has nothing. My husband mentions I paint and offered for me to do the work. I agreed later on and got the assignment.

The day we delivered the finished painting, David was so excited, he had no words. Finally, the last piece to his book was complete. He self-published the book later on Amazon, and we got our copy this week.

All this to say, yes social media has it's bad parts, but this was an excellent way to find and do business, even on accident.